January 03, 2010

Good'ol days

First and foremost, I'm not a Mac fanboy. I'm actually an Amiga fanboy, and since that machine is deceased since like forever - and no one is competent enough to ressurect it - that makes me a platform-agnostic. Just as when your team is already disqualified from the season and you're just watching the other teams play the finals because you like the sport, ya know?

So, 2010 is here, I'm fifteen days away from my 36th birthday, and then I stumble on this video:

When you've lived those days, when such "simple" things that Mr. Jobs showed were almost impossible dreams, and watching this video brings tears to your eyes, you know you're getting old :) It's great being able to put all the technological evolution in the right perspective though, something the younger can't really do. And just so this doesn't sound like loser's talk: I can use a Mac ;]

Happy new year!


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